Hill Against Heroin

About Hillary

Beyond beautiful. Always surrounded by family who never failed to show her how much they loved her. Grew up playing all the sports kids play. 2011 LaFollete High School graduate. Worked as a certified nursing assistant, and studied nursing at Madison College. Had a amazing boyfriend and countless friends who loved her. Smart, inspiring, kind-hearted girl. Heroin addict. 

Hillary's life was taken by a heroin overdose at just twenty-two years old. If Hillary can be a heroin addict, anyone can be a heroin addict. Heroin does not discriminate. We want to get something meaningful out of this tragedy. Our mission is to educate and bring awareness to this fatal disease, to eliminate the stigma, and to start a conversation. Don't let you or someone you love become one of the 144 lives taken by addiction in The United States everyday.